Direct Cremation

No Service no one in attendance including cremation fee   £1300.00

Simple Cremation Service

All arrangements coffin in place for service at  Warriston/Seafield crematorium including cremation fee.                                   £1899.00

This does not include officiant fee.

Example of Disbursements for Cremation Costs

Crematorium                 Warriston/Seafield                       £899.00

Newspaper Notice         Evening News (estimate)            £250.00

Flowers                          from                                             £60.00

Order of Service            from                                             £1.75 each

Officiant                         Minister/Humanist from               £200.00

McGillivray Funeral Directors in Edinburgh

139 - 141 Restalrig Road, Leith, Edinburgh, EH7 6HW

Independent Family Funeral Directors

Telephone 0131 554 7777​​

Example of our Charges

Professional Services
Provision of all professional services including appropriate advice and support.

Taking your instructions in respect of the funeral arrangements. Conducting the

funeral and supplying all necessary bearers and attendants. Liaison with all necessary

third parties and making payments to external parties on your behalf. e.g. clergy, doctors,

crematoria or burial authorities; providing advice and guidance on all documentation to allow

the funeral to proceed legally. Including lodging of documentation with all appropriate third parties.   £900.00                                                                                                                                                          
Uist                                                                                                                                                         £470.00                                                                                  
Conveyance of Deceased
Conveyance of deceased from place of death to Funeral Home (within 20 miles).                              £100.00                                                                                                             
Supply of Hearse
Supply of Hearse for funeral cortege.                                                                                                    £220.00

Supply of Limousine
Supply of one Limousine for Funeral Cortege.                                                                                       £250.00

Supplementary Charges
Preparing deceased as appropriate, including preparation, dressing in gown or own clothes

as required, laying to rest in coffin or casket selected and use of rest room. Including if

desired viewing of your loved one.                                                                                                         £130.00
TOTAL                                                                                                                                   £2070.00                
Please note the above charges are for Funeral Services and do not include disbursements (charges we pay on your behalf) such as cremation or cemetery fees etc.